Podcast #164 - Rushin' Retail



In this industrious 164th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Quinns are mostly talking about two games where I (Tom, hello) rinsed them; two crusty brains pummelled into the dust by three cups of coffee and an unending desire to ‘prove myself’ in the cardboard battlegrounds of ‘board games’. Huzzah.

On this podcast you can hear words about the hellacious retail disasterpiece of Brick & Mortar, the dice-chucking mayhem of Rush Out! and the nonsensical auctions of Furnace. Three games wallowing in a lot of minutes - minutes stuffed with observations, rammed with remarks and runneth(ing) over with criticismé.

Have a lovely weekend, folks!

03:37 - Brick &Mortar
25:38 - Rush Out!
42:19 - Furnace

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I made an exception and listened to this episode solely because of Brick & Mortar - a game I Kickstarted as they are a small timer. And I found B&M very very exciting as the duo saying how they didn’t like it. It looks so nice but it’s mean - that’s how I like it. “Chaos Accountancy”.

Furnace is meh. I love the auction bit, but ultimately attached to a soulless resource management game.

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