Podcast #161 - Brian Management



In this mind-bendingly 161st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns are talking about Ireland and brains! In this podcast, you can hear our thoughts about Brian Boru, and telepathically download our feelings about Mind MGMT. You might also be able to intuit our opinions on Detective: City of Angels and Kabuto Sumo… but that’s what the video reviews are for, really.

04:42 - Brian Boru
17:04 - Detective: City of Angels
22:10 - Kabuto Sumo
24:50 - Mind MGMT
33:53 - Mind MGMT [SPOILERS]

Ooh, I’m really happy to hear some glowing commentary about Mind MGMT. This quickly became one of the crown jewels in my collection and I’ll look forward to the video review.

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Shame to hear Brian Boru didn’t land too well after all the hype they had! I’d still like to give it a try - I can guess that not having the cards in hand to do X would be frustrating, but it kind of sounds like Quinns was going into it saying “this is my strategy” and the cards didn’t work out. That’s never going to work with trick-taking games - my guess is this is a game where you really have to be able to pivot mentally each round.

Not to say that luck won’t play a big part of it but if the game is designed well enough so there are multiple ways to win (not saying it is, but could be) then planning out your strategy for a single round after you see your cards will be the name of the game, rather than saying “I’m going to do vikings” and being frustrated when you see your cards and realize you can’t.

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The version I downloaded on Podcast Addict seems to be 10 minutes longer than the Soundcloud version. Both seem to end abruptly in the same place as well. :thinking:

To me, it sounded like he was frustrated because that was something he NEEDED to do cos he got spanked in the previous round and the cards meant it just got worse, so he couldn’t recover.

And yes, my podcast seemed to stop early. I want to know what Tom was going to say to those who hung around for the spoilers…

I’m still gonna get Brian Boru. I heard good reports from the “old school German” group in BGG.

Not sure what Quinns is expecting here from a trick-taking game. It’s gonna be random and even arbitrary sometimes. And I complain about these often.


Maybe! That’s the outstanding question to me: Out of these multiple systems (Vikings, marriage, church, etc) are there ones that are necessities but you might just not get cards to do them with? That would be bad. But if he was focusing on the Vikings just as a reaction and could have, say, gotten more points from marriage than we he would lose from Vikings (just a theoretical example, haven’t played the game to know if it’s possible) then he may have just needed that attitude adjustment.


OK, watched the No Pun Included on Brian Boru and I’m interested.

It has a drafting thing, that I think is optional. I like the fact losing a trick could be the preferable outcome for you.


I think the podcast should be taken with some salt especially after hearing the same criticism about early plays of Brian.


I always like NPI’s reviews. They’ve often have different opinions to SUSD when SUSD bounce off a game:

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