PBP - Telestrations? Recruitment (or telling me I'm an idiot)

I’ve been enjoying several PBP experiences and I’d like to give back. However

  1. I don’t have TTS
  2. I don’t have many tech skills
  3. I’ve never been a DM

So, trying to think of a game I could run and I’ve hit upon the party classic of Telestrations. I think I could run this by private message, but would need at least 6 players. You’d need to be honest about not taking more than 30 seconds on a drawing.

Obviously this is not Antiquity or Container. It’ll be very quiet on the thread and would take time to pay off.

As I’m writing, would there be more interest in Balderdash?

If anyone is interested in either of these, post on here with a preference and I’ll give it a shot.


Never played either. Happy to give them a go.


Telestration with paint and a mouse look like a awful yet hilarious time I would love to take part in .*

Never played balderdash, also willing to try it!


2/6 seats filled.

I’d been thinking of drawing by hand, but using paint does open up a pleasing extra obstacle

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What the hell! Let’s do this!

What is this?


So Telestrations is very simple. When we start, I’ll give you each a word in secret (via PM). You draw it, in monochrome in 30 seconds or less. You send it back to me by PM.

I then pass it on to the next player, who writes what they think the picture is. That word gets passed (via me) to the next player who draws that word.

It goes on drawing, writing, drawing until it gets back to the original person.

IRL this is done with books, which fold over. There’s one per player.

The pay off is at the end, when we go through each ‘book’ and see what you guys have come up.

Very simple (IRL) and very silly. Art talent is a hindrance!