[PBP] Pax Pamir 2e

Based on the slightly hesitant interest in the general async thread, I’m going to start a Vassal game of Pax Pamir 2e. I think starting a game here is the way to go, instead of waiting for people to experiment with software they haven’t used before.

You’ll need Vassal 3.5.6 from http://www.vassalengine.org/ and Pax Pamir 2e 1.6.0 from here (or click the link here).

@Acacia @Captbnut @Snobbydolphin @yashima are the names that occur to me as potential players, but only Acacia has committed, so there may be seats free - please post here if you are interested.

I’ll start the game by posting the save file as soon as people have chosen their colours:

Black - Ben
Red - Acacia
Blue - Yashima

I guess we’ll play by posting vlog files and screenshots to this thread. Screenshot along with vlog means players can follow what’s going on without viewing the vlog, which facilitates negotiations.

Of course I’ll provide instructions on how to view and make vlogs, and answer any other questions about the module, once we get started.

My concern is slowing the game down. If my work computer won’t handle Vassal I’ll be evenings only

It will handle Vassal, as long as you have permission to install it. One of the perks of Vassal is that it will run on any old hardware.


I think I can do another game. Can we use the forum messaging to exchange the Vassal files like last time? I’m not great with email these days.

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Yes, as noted above, I think screenshots and files posted together here are the way to go.

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Still half asleep… before morning espresso.

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I’m not in my usual work today and then it’s bank holiday. I won’t be able to do anything until Wednesday.

If the game fills before then (or you start without me) then that’s fine. But I’ll play if I can.

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No rush! Your seats are secured, just pick a colour.

I’ll take Red


Blue, please.

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Guess I’m Grey. Good morning.

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Sorry all, I’ve been looking at my work load and I don’t have the capacity to learn new software and play a game I don’t know very well at the moment.

Gutted because I’d like to play it again and I know how good @benkyo is at putting mods on vassal.

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I’ll take that as a maybe (said in the voice of the gnome from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom).

Your seat is free for the taking, to whoever wants it, and if that ends up being you at some point next month, well, that’s all good.


Ha. Well squeeze me over to Red!

For what it’s worth, I"m also very slow on the weekends but can take multiple moves per day during the workday. Perks of sitting at a computer for hours on end.

I’ve thought over the weekend and I’m definitely not going to play - I don’t want to leave you all hanging on for me.

I think life is going to be pretty busy until end of October and while I probably could learn vassal and play, I don’t think I’d get the most out of it and actually enjoy it.

Next time around and I’m in

No worries. Not hanging on for you specifically, but I am hanging on for someone. There’s no urgency on my side, and one of the perks of playing in this format is larger games, so I’m not inclined to begin until we get 4 or 5 players.


I want to note that I will be away from my vassal running computer for a week from June 18th. I could make moves via Screenshot… I expect to have internet. We are actually taking a vacation.


Once we have four and start, I’m fine moving slowly. I’m generally unable to get on my computer for any concerted time on the weekends.

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