PBF: The Dreaming Ward

I’m planning to run this, starting maybe next week. There will be pregens, I’m tweaking them. It’s written for 4-6 players but I may be able to handle more in PBP. I already have a couple of players, let me know if you’re interested.

The Dreaming Ward takes place in the psychiatric ward of a university hospital, during January 1926. The investigators are seeking psychiatric advice in dealing with sleep disorders. Horrifying dreams, relating to an assortment of traumas or odd occurrences, have been disrupting their sleep. After hearing of dream therapy studies at the University, the investigators have applied to attend sessions there. The head of the psychiatric ward, Dr. Randall Thorne, believes he might be able to help them.

Current players:
@RogerBW - author
@EliScrubbs - doctor
@Asydic - antiquarian
@Naith - dilettante
@Suz - journalist

At this stage there’s still room for a couple more to jump in.


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Welcome! Tekelites, these are two of my regular players (Necropolitans and Hell’s Rebels for any enthusiasts)


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yeah Jaal from Necro and the GM from Hell’s Rebels

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A downright strange campaign, that. Great fun to listen, though.


I’m forever grateful to Naith for putting up with Mal’s antics :smile:


I have listed the six pregens on another thread, to keep this one less cluttered. Please pick one and post here. Gender, ethnicity etc. is up to you - the doctor is of Japanese heritage in the original (hence the language).

I quite fancy author, or ex-constable, but will be happy with anything.

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I like the look of the Dilettante, the Journalist and the doctor. Slight preference to dilettante cause of

talk your way into any trouble you want