PBF Paranoia - the Computer is your friend

I’m thinking of buying Paranoia again - I loved it when I was younger.

Would anyone be interested to play? I think it could be interesting to run online because it will be easier to do secret messages and so on.


Interested! I have run Paranoia, for one moderate length campaign, and played it just once.


I was 15 when I last ran it so no idea if I’d be a good Computer!


The time I played was classic (and Classic). The game-mistress is arbitrary, self-confusing and vindictive, which is very bad in most TTRPGs, but positively advantageous when running Paranoia. When things ended, I was the only player not to have lost a clone, which was a bit suspicious, but when all the pros and cons had been tallied, I ended up discovering a hidden win condition in her version of Alpha Complex.

I was theoretically demoted to Infrared, but for political/cover-up reasons, I had to remain a Red trouble-shooter, living in Red accommodation, getting Red food and medication, and so on. I’d just never be sent on any missions. She was quite annoyed that I was happy about this; the character, of course, was busy vowing to earn the Computer’s trust again.


I love the idea of Paranoia, but I don’t think I can be Lassiez-Faire enough to actually play.

But gosh it’s a neat system. Especially the “knowing the rules is against the rules” bits.

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Tentative interest depending on how it will work (and how that fits with other commitments)!

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