PBF for Twilight Imperium IV. (Starting a new game)

I will be starting a new game of Twilight Imperium 4. Play By Forum (PBF) GAME 2. I have some experienced players wanting to try this PBF version. Please sign up by replying here. Sorry but I will first be accepting those who have pre-signed up offline. I’ll let you know if there are empty seats available.


Welcome back @Delwayne !

I’ve always been monitoring, waiting, and watching for anything. But now decided to try and host again. In fact I’ll also be posting another game as well.

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I’ve not forgotten ST:A, I’ve just had a lot of other stuff to do…

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I hope it’s what I think it is

I would happily play again! Though since I was in the last PBF, someone else can have my seat if there isn’t space.

I’d love to join in but understand I will be at the back of a long queue.

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Yeah excited to play. Rylan


No, the queue is not long. You might be in. Will let you know.

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Got some new (Discourse) players who might be checking in. We will also be using the Milty system for determining player order, Factions, Starting system tiles, etc. There two that I know of, one of them has a good explanation of how to use. A player will have to choose between three categories: Turn order, Faction, or System Tiles. ie. If you wanted a certain faction, then you essentially might choose it instead of choosing certain system tiles that is placed next to your homeworld. Or you might give up taking a certain initial strategic card? There are two links here:

who else would be in besides those checked in above?

Come on mates… let’s hit 8 players.

Or 6. Sorry for the delay. Still gathering players.

Jason from discord looks like he wamts to jump in.

Note that if you’ve newly signed up you may not be able to send PMs yet, which I guess in TI you need to. If that’s a problem, call for a mod and one of us will upgrade you.

I think we are close to our 8.
TrilLIONaire (Rylan)
And some of these above need to create their accounts.
We have two open slots, send me their email address and I cand send the links.

Anyone else interested, please reply here! Thank you!

Sorry for the delay everyone! It seems there already is an app for a Ti4 Turn By Turn play (I think)
I’m checking it out. PM me if you want to check out the link as well! This looks very interesting and it has been out awhile and a BOT takes care of the moves and actions? I’m going to postpone this game till we see what this other app is about. (ie. less work for me if an AI takes care of the processing!)