PBF for Furnace

Cool cool. So far as I know Raged_Norm and I are the only traditional church goers hanging out here. Had to ask if you’d just been flying under the radar all this time :slight_smile:

Also card resolution looks right from my perspective.

I’m assuming the card 6 “3 x 1s” should be “1i” since I don’t think we have an “s” resource :slight_smile:

Otherwise, looks good to me.

card 2

  • 3 × 2c→1o to RogerBW running once

card 3

  • 2 × 1i→4c to RogerBW not running
  • 2 × 1i→4c to Lordof1 may run up to twice
  • 2 × 1i→4c to COMaestro may run up to once

I will run 1i → 4c once.

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No, my 2 is on card 4 not card 3, I think.

In which case it’s just 2i. Done.

Right, production time. @Acacia:




I’ll do row || card, so top || #2 is second card in top row.

  1. Bottom || #2 : +2 coal (11 total)
  2. Bottom || #4 : 1c → 1o (10 coal, 1 oil)
  3. Bottom || #3 : 1o → $4 (0 oil, $8), +3 coal (13c)
  4. Bottom || #1 : +1 token (3t), skip, 3t,3c → Upgrade entire top row (10c, 0t)
  5. Top || #1 : 1i → 4c, +1t (0i, 14c, 1t)
  6. Top || #3 : +1i, 1t → $5 (1i, 0t, $13)
  7. Top || #2 : 9c → $12 (5c, $25)

I should have 2i from the compensation for card 6, which does not appear to be visible in my resources. So starting with 13c, 2i, 1o.

Going from left to right as cards 1-4

Use card 1:
Get an upgrade token
Pay 1i → 2 points
Use upgrade token and 1c to upgrade card 4

Use card 4:
Pay 4c → 2o
Get an upgrade token

Use card 3:
Gain 2c

Use card 2:
Gain 2c
Pay 2o → 8 points

End with 12c, 1i, 1o, 1 upgrade, and 20 points.

Actually 3i because of your special ability, if that makes a difference…

(I keep saying “s” when I mean “i” - it seems so obvious that it should be steel!)

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leaving you also with 1i.

For myself:

act coal iron oil tokens $
start 0 2 3 0 0
5 2 2 3 0 0
1a 2 2 3 1 0
1b 2 2 2 1 4
1c upgrade 5 1 2 1 0 4
3a ×2 1 0 4 0 4
3b 1 0 5 0 4

Ah yes, that’s right.

In that case, I will use 2i for a total of 4 points on my first card, bringing me to 22 total points after the turn.


Card 2: 1 upgrade token
Use 3c to give 4 points
Use 1c and 1 upgrade to flip card 4.

Card 4 (now flipped):
Use 2i to gain 4 points
Gain 3c

Card 1: gain 1i

Card 3: gain 2c

That’s all for me. I think it leaves me with 5c, 3i, and 15 points.

OK, I have:

Acacia: 5c 1i $25
Lordof1: 5c 3i $15
RogerBW: 1c 5o $4
COMaestro: 11c* 1i 1o 1t $22

* you went into the production phase, with 12c not 13c, see last image.

Turn 3

and @COMaestro is first to bid.

Honestly, looking at it, I may only have 8 coal. I had 5 after the first round and only gained 4 in compensation that I can see (from card 3, which I could only use once), so should only have had 9 going into production phase, unless I am missing something?

In any case, 4 on card 5.

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Sorry. Father in law in ICU. Will be a bit slow for a few days.


Oh goodness me please don’t worry. My very best to him and I hope things work out well.


Sorry to hear that, Acacia. I hope everything works out okay.

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3 on #4.

He was 50/50 coming out of surgery but the last few days have been all good news. Worst possible timing, though - Thanksgiving makes it hard to get between DC and New Jersey. 6 month old still relies on mom for milk. Nanny is off for three days… ideally, wife, nanny, and baby would go up and nanny would run support up there while I care for the two big ones in DC. As it is, I’m in DC with the two big ones and she’s up there with the baby trying to take care of the family and the baby at the same time.

It was a tough call whether to move the whole family for a few days or not. Some things I could do for them up there, but taking care of the toddlers away from our home would also be so intensive and draining I wouldn’t have much time or energy left to be a real help.

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