“Oy!” “Wut?” Just chat (The Return of)

I visited an Amazon Fresh for the first time. Picked up some items and ask how do I scan these? The reply was: you don’t.

I walked out of the shop with a bottle of fizzy and a loaf of bread, not “paying anything”, and bewildered. I went home a few minutes later still in the same state, until Jeffy himself, in a spacesuit, knocked at my door and handed me the receipt.



A bomb scare at Ben Gurion airport caused some panic and chaos at the airport, on Thursday evening.

An American family that had toured the Golan Heights arrived at the airport for their flight back to the United States.

During the trip one of the children found and took a used bombshell which they were planning to take home as a souvenir. When the family went to check-in their luggage with security, they showed the shell to the security staff.

Source - Bombshell Scare at Ben-Gurion Airport Causes Chaos | The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com | Jewish Press News Desk | 28 Nisan 5782 – April 28, 2022 | JewishPress.com


I was coming back on a domestic flight this week. A kid in front of me had his nerf gun taken away at security.

But a bombshell should be fine.


I saw that one, too, and thought of posting the picture of that thing. I mean… … how … how … oblivious and ignorant can you be? Just don’t look up. (Oh no, we’re doomed!)

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I have been thinking about Fetch though the lens of board game (over) analysis.

Player count: Best at 2. Solo mode only appeals to some hardcore fans. See also Keepaway.
Playing time: Before the dog over-exerts himself. See also Replayability.
Availability: Lost or chewed parts easy to replace. Basically a Print-and-Play.
Set-up and take-down time: Quicker than you can say, “What, again? Didn’t we just play?”
Mechanisms: Dexterity. Set collection.
Replayability: I dunno about you but I don’t have much choice.
Designer, Artist & Publisher: See also Anthropology and Palaeontology.
Complexity: Low. Interesting how many players know the rules before playing. How many games can say that?
Expansions: Partly-chewed Flying Disk: Not Without Gloves! and Stick: No, It’s not too Heavy for me. Just Give me a Minute.
Pros: It makes him so happy!
Cons: Some quarterbacking players may try to grab the ball before it leaves your fingers but will stop with a mild rebuke. Or the occasional, “OW!”. Not a good table-top game. I haven’t tried any on-line versions.
Rating: See also Replayability.


It’s terrible async


Consider also the impact of the fake-out throw and how quickly it is cottoned to.


There is a bit in here Upsizing Kingdom Builder and The Castles of Burgundy | BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek about plan b games reprinting Samurai, T&E et al. Just thought to mention that as I overlooked this bit on first reading but reddit mentioned it. I really want a pretty version of Samurai in a small compact box. Japan is long not wide.


Well, that is just a matter of perspective. :wink:


Is oblong shape the right word then for the Haarespalter :wink:


After listening to a hobbyist (of another hobby) go on and on about something, I am just musing about how easy it is to forget, to slip and sound really condescending towards someone who isn’t as deeply involved with the hobby in question and I just want to take this occasion as a reminder to myself to be mindful of how I present my opinions in similar situations. It is not trivial to be welcoming and at the same time of course I want to talk at length and in depth about games…


Speaking of opinions about things:
I heard that “Board Game Barrage” won an award (probably a Golden Geek, but I’m not 100% sure) for podcast this year?

I’ve never listened to them. I only really listen to podcasts when:

  1. Biking to and from work April-October
  2. Whatever my partner listens to… currently she’s on a D&D Actual Play kick (D20 Dames, Venture Maidens), but she is also a big fan of a Star Trek podcast (The Greatest Generation) and a few sci-fi improv ones (Mission to Zyxx is the only one I remember).

Anyway. Moral of the story is that now is the time I get to pick up new podcasts to listen to, although as a chronological listener I have a fair backlog from the winter months to catch up with. I currently listen to SU&SD and three Star Wars Legion podcasts (Outriders, STABcast, and Notorious Scoundrels). Picking up a second good board game podcast might be neat…

All this to say: Has anyone listened to Board Game Barrage? Is it good? Is it worth going through their backlog, or should I start later into their oeuvre?


I enjoy their stuff. Some episodes are much better than others. They hit a sweet spot of 5-6 episodes around the Timmy, Jenny, Spike episode (search says that number 90). Kellen can be a bit of a contrary d!ck at times.

They’re happy to say they enjoy party games and include them on top 50 lists which I find refreshing.

Their Discord is very active and the hosts interact a lot. I am biased because I played a ton of Race for the Galaxy with Mark last year.


I’d listen to one of their top 10 episodes and see if your tastes align. Tom was a guest on the last top 10 and was very funny


Just bought a Mac M1 Mini, it was the best solution for the needs and I still feel slightly ashamed.

I did assuage my guilt a bit by installing Ubuntu on an old laptop this week.

(confession over)


You have sinned grievously, my child, and your penance is to listen to Richard Stallman singing the Free Software Song. Twice.


TIL this was thing


He bought a computer. ThT hardly merits inhumane torture.


You are living a better life than some of us.


We’re going on vacation… in Italy. I just got a message from one of the hotels… in Italian. I don’t speak Italian.

Turns out I can read most of the message thanks to context and “knowing” other languages. I just realized I could use google translate, but where is the fun in that?