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There are two NFL games a year in Germany now. One in Munich, one in Frankfurt. I really would like to go to one but the tickets are sold out instantly.

@GabrielH I like the tactical elements of the game and how on point everybody has to perform. Also the athletic performances are often fascinating on their own (great throws, catches, tackles etc.). But it is a very slow sport and more complex than maybe necessary. Not to speak of the crazy risks for injuries, especially long term brain damage.

Friday Night Lights is the reason I got interested in the sport. Loved the show and because of it I learned the basic rules and started watching the Super Bowl.
Because it happens so late in Germany, I usually recorded it, ignored newspapers for 2-3 days to avoid spoilers and watched the game with friends on the next Saturday evening.


Yeah, I’m not going to pretend that there is no athleticism involved, but also, basketball, baseball, hockey, or 20 other sports are more exciting…

That being said, i have paid to watch Rodeo, where the question of whether a man sits on an animal for 0.1 of a second is the only thing that matters, so maybe my opinion is, in fact, only my opinion :laughing:


Over here Rugby Union is the most popular sport (which I almost never watch, but have occasionally enjoyed), and there’s a variant of that called Rugby League, the lesser-yet-still-significant popularity of which I cannot for the life of me comprehend. As far as I’ve ever seen, 90% of Rugby League sees the player with the ball picking themselves up off the ground, passing the ball to the person beside them, and that person choosing to run directly into the wall of opposing players who are waiting right in front of them – at which point they fall on the ground, and the cycle begins anew. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything interesting happen in a game of Rugby League. The players running into the wall of opponents never look like they’re anticipating anything besides the obvious outcome of “this definitely won’t work”, but they still do it every time, on purpose. I find it so bizarre. (The other 10% of the time someone kicks the ball, and there’s a bit of running, and maybe someone scores some points, and you feel like something happened – but I would think that literally every other game with a ball where people kick it and run and score points must be better.)


Sorry, you just lost me. Baseball has to be one of the most boring sports, just above golf. It has the shortest bursts of action of basically any other sport, and may not even have them in the event of a strike out or four balls allowing a walk.

Admittedly, I get zero entertainment out of watching any sport, but baseball would certainly be one at the bottom of the enjoyment spectrum.


I’ve just seen a photography tip that was literally “zooming in makes far away objects appear bigger”

I think I’ve crossed over into the Father Ted universe


This is basically true for me—except Australian Rules Football, which for some reason made sense in a way these things usually don’t. (Even then, not enough for me to seek it out once I got back to England.)


Ive heard American Football being described as chess with men. You make a move, your opponent counters it. You stop and think again.


I got a bunch of old photography magazines when I was a kid. (My dad got them from someone, probably.). I remember an article about improving your vacation photos. One of suggestions was to make sure you had film in your camera.


Gen Alphas take note

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Hows half-term going, people? Its only 1.30pm and already I want to send the kids back to school…


It’s half term? Oh cool, that will be why the nearby school is so blissfully quiet.


Ah. That explains why it was quiet when I went to the high street during my break


I’m with you on that – Aussie Rules is genuinely fun to watch. It stops and starts, but the down-time is minimal, so it feels like pretty constant running, kicking, jumping, passing (plus comedy referee signals when points are scored). High-energy stuff – the players (and refs) must be crazy-fit, given the size of the field it’s played on (I think it’s what Australia uses their Cricket grounds for in winter?)

Edit: Yeah, found this:


Next week for me

Exactly! Baseball is boring… just above golf, yeah… it’s just that football somehow manages to be even worse. Something somewhat impressive will happen even in golf eventually, but the only thing in football is watching the numbers go up :thinking:


Nope, still gotta disagree. When a quarterback throws a long bomb to a receiver who manages to catch it and break away from the defense to score a touchdown, that’s exciting. When the defense intercepts a pass and gains a bunch of yards before going down, that’s exciting. When a running back breaks through the line and gains a bunch of yards, it’s exciting.

Golf, someone makes a good shot or difficult putt, you acknowledge the skill involved, but at most it just generates enough enthusiasm for a golf clap. Appropriate.

Baseball, a home run may generate some excitement, or a great catch that prevents one, but that’s about it.


Football Hits GIFs | Tenor

Or big hits!


American football is just Rugby with body armour…

(Name the show this is a rough quote from!)


Buffy! Giles is entirely correct.


And 25.000 stops, including stop for commercials. Don’t get me started about this. Rugby involves the same sort of skills, plus stamina… to a umpteenth higher level. American Football (why Football, they only kick the ball 3 or 4 times all game) is a game of set pieces. Where only half the team plays at once…