Over fifty users

I see that our latest spate of new users joining the throng has brought our number up to fifty-three, enough to disengage bootstrap mode. Yay! An occasion for mild celebration and understated mutual congratulations.

  • Welcome aboard, you bright new things!
  • Congratulations and thanks to our indefatigable podcasters, the Sages of High Wycombe
  • Hooray!

Help this forum to flourish: create intriguing threads, reply with thoughtful enthusiasm, invite judiciously, and be open-handed with the likes.

And finally: Bah humbug, one and all!


I’m actually quite fatigable.

I was at Roger’s Yuletide (Indoor) Barbie and am currently full of roast pork and beer. This fatigues me quite effectively.

Wasn’t there a question about an introductory note… I shall have to dig it up.

And yes, a happy [#FESTIVITY$] to you all!