Our Brain Typically Overlooks This Brilliant Problem-Solving Strategy

cough cough game design cough cough


KISS principle comes to mind.
Shorter code is often better but it is much harder to achieve.

One of the metrics of software quality measures complexity and it is generally accepted that less complexity is better. Although those metrics can only measure static complexity as in block depth it is helpful to find spots in your code that profit from taking away something.

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There’s something I find deeply ironic about this article. In making a point about how people are likely to add unnecessary things to a design rather than trim it down, the article has added hundreds of unnecessary words to an argument that can be described in a sentence. This exact worldview has already been encapsulated by aphorisms like KISS, “less is more”, Murphy’s Law, “restrictions breed creativity”, and Occam’s Razor, all of which do so far more succinctly than this article does.

  • I don’t quite see how Murphy’s Law fits here.

  • On the other hand, “restrictions breed creativity” makes me think of Robert Frost saying that writing free verse was like playing tennis with the net down . . .