Oops, All Card Games!


In this 52-card episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Ava and Tom are chatting about a whole bindle of different card games - some of which Tom took with him on holiday, some of which are new adventures in the world of trick taking, and some of which are juuuust for Ava. It’s a rambly wander through a whole bunch of different boxes… right here.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


03:21 - Yokai Septet

08:56 - Bridge

20:55 - Ghosts of Christmas

24:00 - Nine Lives

30:02 - Bug Council of Backyardia

33:07 - Skull King

38:21 - Innovation

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Innovation gets a new convert! Welcome to the fold, Tom.

I need to play more Innovation. I’ve had it in my collection for years but only manged a couple games. It’s been interesting enough, though, to survive multiple cullings–the small box helps–but I really want to play it more.

Good to hear of Tom trying out Bridge. Never played it myself - my younger-self’s trick-taking games of choice were Ninety-nine and French Tarot - but one of those games it would be good to try with the right people.


Innovation sounded really neat, not gonna lie. Definitely added to my prospects list.


It’s on BGA if you’d like a game! I’m pretty terrible at it though :laughing:

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I think Innovation is amazing, definitely in my top 5 games. We’re close to 300 plays now and every game feels different and we’ve not touched an expansion yet.

Only Race for the Galaxy comes close for the amount of game in a small box


Joe Reese from the Train Rush was dumping a lot of games in the Geekmarket and so I have been grabbing some tricker takers I cant find elsewhere. Alas, I got beaten by somebody to Bug Council.

I am not a fan of Skull King as it is Oh Hell (see “card games that don’t suck” series) but with a lot of complications for a trick taking game.

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I played so much Oh Hell! on BGA during lockdown. It’s good fun :slight_smile:

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I’ll keep that in mind, thank you! I’m not on BGA and my life is pretty busy right now, but I appreciate the offer!

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