One-Shots and Miscellanea

This is a new topic for one-parters. Given the nature of the group, I don’t expect it to get used very often, but here’s one, from the Chaosium “We Are All Us” free adventures commemorating the death of Greg Stafford:

Session 1 - Call of Cthulhu: The Lightless Beacon: And not, as some of us might have hoped, Spring Break on Booty Island.


I’ve run one one-shot in recent years, and it was based on making things up, not on a published scenario. I had picked up Hellcats and Hockeysticks (an RPG based on St. Trinians) and decided to try it out. So I made up a set of pre-gens, with space for a couple of points of customization, and invited four of my regular women players and a woman who’s a fellow player in a Call of Cthulhu campaign to try it out (they played a daughter of the Russian mafiya, a descendant of samurai, a horse-mad girl from Virginia, an artistic girl, and a working class sports hooligan—the player decided her name was “Tanqueray” for what her mother was drunk on when she was conceived, shortened to “Tank”). I had some NPCs with agendas available, but most of what happened was the PCs stirring up trouble in the classic St. Trinians fashion and me running frantically ahead of them laying down track in front of where they had decided to go. . . .


Whartson Hall (of which I am a recent member) has generally been playing short games, 4-8 sessions of typically 90ish minutes each. (Some of us have late work, others very early.) But given how leisurely we are it’s quite rare to finish an adventure in a single session. This one is nominally an hour if the GM rides the players hard enough.

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Terribly disappointed you didn’t change the title there, Roger.

Might be of interest, my thoughts on running the game:


The party fixated on the duck-like nature of the prints

You expected anything less from us?

I thought it was an entirely reasonable thing for you to do!

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Good thing she hadn’t been sloshed on sake, or Cointreau… Then again, she could’ve had a friend whose mother got drunk on absinthe, so they’d be Tank & Abs.


You might wanna include Even Sweet Girls Must Eat in this category.

Although it shared some players, it wasn’t a Whartson Hall game.