Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood Review - No Right to be This Good



relieved sigh

I am so glad that I’m not wrong about it being good. We’ve played twice now, and both times I’ve been worried that i just think it’s good because it is so godsdamn expensive.

Gotta magnetize those weapons in the next week or two. They do fall off if you look at them wrong.


I curious what the people who own this one think. Do you need the minis or are the standees better?

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I own it.

The minis are fine. The arms always popping off is super annoying, but they are fine.

But I didn’t know there was a standee version. I 100% would recommend that and save the money.


God help me, I’m thinking about backing this

Actually the review helped me understand that this is very likely not a game for my collection. It is not the next Gloomhaven surprise success (to which I came 2 years late anyway and I am also still waiting for Frosthaven). I would totally play if someone put it on their table, sure. But I am more and more turning away from campaign games—for a variety of reasons.

Two days after watching, I don’t remember a thing about how combat plays which to me is the central aspect of these dungeon crawl style fantasy campaigns. That is not a good sign. And I am not really interested in the story elements. All I know there are some choices to be made for little optimizing combat bonuses.

The thing I like most about campaigns is character growth because I am coming at campaigns from the perspective of an RPG player. Somehow nothing from the review stuck with me about this aspect. Does it even exist? Probably does, but is it good?

To me it seems this would not be a good investment for my collection. Would totally play if someone offered to carry the load of owning and learning the game. I would probably even show up for a regular campaign. I just don‘t want to be the person organizing it.


I’m also glad my purchase was vindicated :sweat_smile:
The flow mechanic wasn’t as combo-tastic as I expected, but the idea is pretty cool. Feels more restrained than gloomhaven with slower leveling and slightly more fighty/less puzzly. It overall has a more RPG feel compared to gloomhaven and less about opening cool new stuff.

In terms of minis Vs standees: The minis work well, but the standees are fine too. The biggest issue with the standees is that the direction the enemies point is super important, which is a bit awkward with flat standees. Other than that there’s no real reason the minis are needed. As Efka says, the minis are fine and add some grandeur to the fight but are by no means impressive in their detailing.