New to PBF boardgames

Interested in this PBF boardgame malarky.
Is there a queue?


Easiest way to get one going is to offer to moderate one yourself.

Otherwise, hang around and wait for one to start up, or look for recruitment threads that never got enough interest, or even request a game of something.

I’m over-committed on asynchronous games right now, both work and home are really busy.


What do you fancy @Guvnor?


Oh something simple, @RossM, just to try out the concept.

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@RogerBW any suggestions? I know racing games and things like codenames work well.

A game that can easily be rendered in text form without needing custom graphics is probably a good one to start with.

A game without hidden information makes things easier.

Probably best if it’s something that isn’t freely available elsewhere (yucata, BGA,

Ok @Benkyo . I need to dial down the GM and running stuff roles right now… so I will wait and watch.

Out of interest have you get a preferred game or genre? I always like adapting games to this format.

I like Carcassonne, Small World, Patchwork, Thingy of Waterdeep, Pandemic. But I also used to play Diplomacy by post a very long time ago.
Er. Camel Up! Forbidden Island. Mystic Wood.

Flamme Rouge has tempted me for some time.

I would love to do a version of Diplomacy.

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I am not sure you should play it with friends

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@RogerBW has run a couple of excellent Flamme Rouge tours and it works really well as a PBF.

I’ve only just started them, I’ve enjoyed playing games I would never have tried/ bought IRL.

I know @Whistle_Pig was looking for people to play Tokyo Metro. And I think Blood Rage was mentioned as well.

I have none of the tech skills so am no use, but am enjoying jumping on to games.

Have you seen ? There are ways to manage a slow game, I believe (have not tried). And then there is the ruining relationships thing …

Once I’ve finished either of my current PBF games I’d be happy to run either Tokyo Metro or Root.


I assume I need to own the game?
Both seem quite complex BG.
As a transport researcher I guess I should favour Tokyo Metro.

I shall go look at vdiplomacy

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No need to own the game. I’d be using Vassal for Root and screenshots from Tabletop Simulator for Tokyo Metro. The ongoing Antiquity PBF will give you an idea of how it works :slight_smile:

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If anyone hasn’t played Diplomacy before, it’s basically the negotiating phase from the Game of Thrones boardgame, but with more backstabbing. It is, at its core, entirely backstabbing after promising you won’t.

It’s singlehandedly responsible (due to its age) for more family arguments and spoiled holidays than any other boardgame in the last century. The box should have hazard stickers on it. I will not be in the room when it is played, etc :smile:

(I’m sure this is not news to many of you)

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Huh, it’s just occurred to me that Shobu would be amazing PBF.