New Spirit Island FAQ/Errata

I know all the fans will probably find out about it without me posting here.

But there’s an FAQ/Errata for Spirit Island which was just updated for Jagged Earth and includes one thing that changes the base game without expansions in a major way…

Here’s the querki link:!.9v5kfpu

Here’s the BGG link:

And here’s that big change:

Errata: During Setup only, add exactly 1 additional Blight to the Healthy Island card. (Or “to the Blight space”, if not playing with a Blight card.)

Most salient questions other than “But why?” can be answered by noting the underlined words. This involves a single piece of plastic being added to the Blight Card, exactly once.

But why?
There’s a fencepost error in the Blight system: while the quantity of Blight in the game scales linearly proportionally with the number of players, the quantity of usable Blight does not. Eg: in a (1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, …) game, you can allow (1, 3, 5, 7, …) Blight to be added without the Blight Card flipping. If the Blighted Island card provides 3 Blight/player, you can allow (4, 9, 14, 19, …) Blight to be added without losing. I am tremendously chagrined at (and apologize for) not having noticed this for multiple years , assuaged only by the fact that lots of other people apparently didn’t notice it either.

Correcting this error makes smaller games - particularly solo - feel more like larger ones in terms of early-game Blight dynamics, by restoring the intended linear proportional Blight scaling.

I did notice in my solo games with the new spirits how extremely narrow the margin for errors is regarding blight and the island card flipping. I usually play two-handed which has 3 blight “errors” in the original rules and the difference to just one blight for making mistakes was marked. I’ll gladly make this change :slight_smile:


ObDoYouReallyCareAboutThis: I think that’s not a fencepost error but rather a scaling error. :slight_smile: