My Favourite Game: Ra


Okay, this finally made me want to buy Ra.
(I don’t have the ~£45 to spend on it right now but it’s going on the list).


It’s really good!

I thoroughly dislike the misleading video title.

It turns out that it’s only his favourite auction game. Why not say that? Dumb.

My favourite game! Which of course makes it my favourite auction game as well.

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To be fair, the “My Favorite Game” part appears to be the name of an intended ongoing series, which is made rather clear in the first minute.

For sure, I can see the intention, and it’s a perfectly fine idea for a video series – but omitting 1/2 of the critical info from the title makes for a dumb naming scheme, IMO.

Calling it “My Favourite Games: X” would have worked.

Uh-oh, we’re going through this again!

(Catering for YouTube algorithms is dumb. My friends a content creator. When he talks about the algorithm I want to claw my eyes out)


Yeah… sorry… different video series by a different person, but more or less the same complaint. (Sadly this series doesn’t have the same scope for generating surreal comedy titles as a silver lining.)