Monsters & Magic


I don’t understand! It’s an extremely friendly religion! We have open mornings, fire pits, everything!

Die by fire, everyone.


“Everyone please stand. We shall now sing hymn 232…”


I have an image of the pamphlets self immolating like mission Impossible. Peasants like them for use as firelighters. Thoroughly enjoying this


Session 4 - Canoodling with the Squirrels: It must be the dungeon. I mean, it’s underground. With bonus cockroach wrestling.


Session 5 - Dungeoneering is Easy, Comedy is Hard: More plot. And we have a plan. Now all we need is party unity.


We’ll be following this episode with a live cage fight between Roger, Nick and Mark to decide what the party does next.


In my defence, the knife is a tool of my trade and was on my belt already.


I don’t break character til the DVD commentary.


Session 6 - All Right, Let’s Go To The Bedroom: We solve the mystery, with only minor digressions. Really.