Major downtime today (18 May)

Apologies for the extended downtime today. The server on which the site is hosted locked up, for no obvious reason, and didn’t reboot after power cycling. I decided to take advantage of the weekend to set up redundant discs (RAID1), but this meant copying everything across to the new disc. Things should be back to normal now.

(Worst case, the server gets backed up every night.)

Maybe I should get a Twitter account for notifications of things like this - something hosted entirely outside my systems.


The server has locked up twice more today, but I’ve been able to get it back into service relatively quickly. I’m trying to sort this out with the hosting company.


A hardware test will be conducted from midnight UK time; this may take up to 14 hours.

And we’re back, with the discs transplanted into a new chassis.

For future reference, is now the place to check in case of downtime.

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