Living Forest Review - Have the woods got the goods?



Frame of the video for me:

(more :fire:)


Personally I found this video leaps and bounds ahead of the Biblios one, which I stopped about ten minutes in. (I don’t know what happened with that one because Ava’s Verdant segment in the Calico/Cascadia/Verdant was solid as well.) This one felt a hell of a lot smoother, better script, better timing. Made me excited for more Ava videos!

And listen. Good Puppers might be a great game. But there’s no way it’s good enough to overcome the issue of the theme (not dogs, but “doggos”). I haven’t looked at any materials for it but I bet it uses the word “hecking”. It’s like that Anime maid drafting game that I’ve also heard (on the internet) is really good mechanically. Sorry! Might be the best game ever! But I’m not going to play, let alone buy, an Anime maid game!


I also bailed on that one quickly; interesting to know it wasn’t just me. I wasn’t uninterested in the game, but that video definitely wasn’t how I wanted to learn more about it. I don’t remember it remotely well enough to make any specific criticisms though.

The video with all of the birds in the field was Ava’s most enjoyable filmed work to date, for me.

This isn’t a game I’ve heard of at all. Although a couple of seconds in and Ava battering the box off the table had firmly caught my attention.