Letters from Whitechapel

Move to 63, 82, 65

@Lordof1 then Assussanni to move.

[gentle poke @Lordof1]

Any ideas? I feel like we’ve lost the scent. I’ll move west to 99 unless anyone has anything else they’d like me to do.

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OK, having left a 24-hour comment period, I’ll go ahead with this.

@Assussanni then RossM to move.

I’ll head down the zig-zag route to move West of 124.

@RossM then Whistle_Pig to move.

south of 122

@Whistle_Pig’s move, then Assussanni to search/arrest.

[gentle prod @Whistle_Pig ]

Paging @Whistle_Pig. I mean, I am happy to suggest a move for her if people would like…


She hasn’t logged in for a few days.

(Resign from police force, join Jack as his apprentice…)

Would the other police players care to agree on a move?

Is south of 98 possible? I can’t tell if there’s a path between where she is now and 119.

There is a path there. There are no “dead-end” locations, each has at least two connections going into it. So yes, that is a valid move.

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There is indeed a path north from red’s current spot into 119 (the dashed line makes it non-obvious). Any other opinions, or shall I go ahead and move red to 98S?

98S would be my suggestion. I also don’t mind waiting.

Hello! Sorry! I seem to have stopped getting email notifications for @ mentions so I didn’t realise it was my turn :grimacing:

I’m fine with the suggested move to south of 98 though :+1:


Welcome back!

@InkyBloc then Lordof1 to search/arrest.

Search 65, 63, 82