Letters from Whitechapel

@Assussanni then RossM to move.

I’m thinking I should probably try and figure out which way Jack went from 144, which would be either staying where I am, moving west once or moving south once. Any preference for direction before I lock in my move?

I agree. I think it would be unlikely his hideout is in the South East considering where the other potential murders are.

I can check that area next turn if I head that way.

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Let’s go with move South once to 159-160-173.

@RossM then Whistle_Pig to move.

71 and 72

I think there are some yellow circles missing in the latest image at 73 and 144.

73 was marked; it was just below yellow, now NE of yellow. 144 was indeed missing. Thanks!

@Whistle_Pig and then InkyBloc to move.

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move to 15-33-34

@InkyBloc to move, then Lordof1 to search/arrest.

Put a mirror down then move to 68/86.

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@Lordof1 then Assussani to search/arrest.

search 85 then 101


@Assussanni, then RossM, to search/arrest.

Search 160 β†’ 173 β†’ 159, please.

No, no and no.

@RossM, then Whistle_Pig, to search/arrest.

71,72,88 please

No to all.
@Whistle_Pig , then InkyBloc.

15-33-34 please

Nothing in any of those.

@InkyBloc to search/arrest, then COMaestro to move.