Lessons from a TV show bible. #13: FAQ

Continuing the discussion from How to write a series bible:

The last item on the checklist is “FAQ section”.

13 FAQ section . End with a Q & A section in which you raise and then answer what you expect will be the most frequently asked questions about your show. Focus on the concept and the narrative, not technical issues like casting or budgets, things that aren’t in a writer’s purview in any case.

Hmm. That seems rather too vague for us to discuss much here. But is it good as a checklist item?

It’s instructive to consider what the questions are that players are likely to ask.

Sometimes I do this by running ideas past potential players (I find questions very good for kicking off my creativity).

I’ve never seen this in a published setting; I think the idea is that it should all be in the main documentation, which can be rather more substantial than a series bible. (But I could have used it in my early attempts to engage with Vampire.)