Last game you played volume 2

(nobody done it yet? can I do it? is that ok?)

An idea shamelessly stolen from the SUSD forum that was shamelessly stolen from somewhere else that became so massive that it will probably reach its 10,000 reply limit and get automatically closed in the few days left before the SUSD forum bites the dust.

Describe the last game (or session of games!) that you played!

I just finished a Tabletop Simulator game of Small World which could arguably be described as “one of those modules that’s just too cleverly scripted”. Every now and then a stack of chits would partially sink into the table and disappear, or the row of available races/abilities would inexplicably collapse in on itself when you tried to move everything down a notch to fill up the space. But, as with almost everything on TTS that I’ve seen so far, despite all of these hiccups, it was miles more fun than it had any right to be.

A five player game, with one who’d never played before, and we had two hours of good solid fun despite a bit of disparity in the scores. The top three were very close, I was a moderately distant fourth, and our first timer was a fairly distant fifth. But I always forget how much fun I have with this game before I start playing and it always brings joy once the crazy combinations start presenting themselves.

So what did you play last?


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