Larry DiTillio has died

Whartson Hall will be returning to Masks of Nyarlathotep next week to start the campaign proper, so the news this morning that Larry DiTillio has died particularly struck me.

As well as the most famous of Call of Cthulhu campaigns he wrote for Tunnels & Trolls, Pendragon and television, including Babylon 5.


His Stormbringer adventures were seminal.
Go well Larry.


I’m very sorry to hear this. I’ve been preparing for our run-through, and reading through new campaign it’s clear that much of it remains the text that was written all those years ago (I’ve been comparing the old with the new). It really was ahead of it’s time, astonishing in scope. Hopefully we can do it justice (although it is us, those that may be unlikely).

B5 is also a show that remains very close to my heart and, while his episodes weren’t great examples of what made the show wonderful for me, he was a big part of the world building.

Another childhood hero gone. Thanks for all the fun.


There’s some fascinating background on the writing of Masks in this 2010 interview..

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