Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall, Fit to Print, Vindication


ell me something, which other board game podcast episode can claim to contain the entire gamut of board games in one episode? Antropomorphic animals? Check. Weirdly themed euro? Check. Fantasy campaign game? Check. Real time? Check. Randomness? Check. Strategy, tactics, abstractification? Check check and check.

In this episode we’ll take a long overdue look at Vindication, a game where you gather cubes to kill monsters, Fit to Print, a cutesy real time newspaper assembly simulator and Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall, a fantasy campaign game that signals the arrival of everyone’s most dreaded season - Campaignmass.

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On to the timestamps:

2:48 Fit to Print
29:07 Audience Correspondence: Board Game Fan Fic Trivia
31:48 Vindication
46:51 A Discussion on Contentification
59:47 Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall