Kieron Gillen, Great Western Trail: New Zealand, Schadenfreude, Freelancers


Are games even real? According to Kieron Gillen, they certainly bleed into reality and reality bleeds into them. According to Great Western Trail, New Zealand isn’t even real. So who’s to say?

On this episode of Talk Cardboard we review Schadenfreude, the little trick taking game that could, chat about the absurd comedy that is Freelancers, take an early peak at Great Western Trail: New Zealand and chat to Kieron Gillen about his comic book and role-playing game DIE.

For more on DIE, here’s the links provided at the end of the interview in clickable form:

Kieron’s Newsletter - Kieron Gillen's Wordmail • Buttondown


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On to the timestamps:

00:59 Intro and Audience Correspondence - Review copies

6:32 Schadenfreude

19:31 Freelancers: A Crossroads Game

37:07 Audience Correspondence - Dinged up Cards

39:56 Interview: Kieron Gillen and DIE

1:07:53 Great Western Trail: New Zealand