Keyflower - BGA asynch recruitment

I’ve been itching to try out Keyflower for a long time. Asynchronous on boardgamearena would be an easy way if anyone else (newbie or otherwise) wants to as well?

I’m usually good for 4-5 turns during a weekday when I’m at the computer. Weekends are spotty as I’m mostly elsewhere.


I’d join in.

One I’d join.

raged_norm on there

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Happy to give it a try though I will do very badly. RogerBW there too.

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Just added you two three. You’ll recognize my acacia tree.

I’ll need a day to read the manual again - will send an invite tomorrow?


I’d be interested in playing. It’ll be my first play, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be rubbish as well, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. Also Snobbydolphin on BGA.

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It’s my first play.

Oooh, my second play.

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Is 6-player Keyflower a reasonable idea? If so, I’d happily join the game, but if a full table - especially asynch - is a bit much I wouldn’t mind to sit this one out.

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I’m happy with more players. There won’t be downtime issues with an asynch game

Has anyone found a good teach video? I’m watching Teach the Table at the moment.

Watch it Played has a pretty solid teach.


I’m a manual guy myself. And the manual is fine - apart from the description of the turn order tiles and boats. I had to get out the actual tiles to parse what they were trying to say about those.

Waiting for mr.ister’s BGA handle then I’ll open up the game.


I generally like to read the manual, watch a tutorial, then reread the manual. I’m very bad about overlooking little (but quite important) things, so the tutorials (mainly Watch it Played, John Gets Games, or Before You Play) help me internalize those little things.

I find that more and more I watch videos. I usually teach games so I generally want a bit more than the manual


Yeah, I’m not the most natural when it comes to explaining rules, but I’m pretty much always the teacher, so having a kind of model to explain things helps a lot. It’s just become my natural process for all games now.

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I’ve messaged raged_norm. If they can’t join the table by end of day I’ll start it with just who we have. Looking forward to this!

Late to the party but I’m there! BGA doesn’t email me game invites…

Apologies everyone.

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If we’re not all getting emails is it worth tracking turns on here?

I’ve just been @mr.ister to play

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My notifications are working, so no need for tagging me.


I get notified once the game has started, just not I’ve been invited to play.

I’ve got the option selected as well.

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