Jessie Gender, Heat, Votes For Women, Turncoats, Canvas


Every day people stop us on the street and say “But, Elaine and Efka, why did you rename the podcast?” What an excellent question real person on the street - we renamed it because Talk Cardboard is all about talking to OTHER PEOPLE about cardboard. All kinds of cardboard. Flat, corrugated and even board game. So we talk to you, dear listeners, especially when you write in. But we also talk to our guests! And today’s episode features our very first and so far very best guest. That’s right, it’s Jessie Gender, you can find more of her things on Jessie Gender - YouTube

Also in today’s episode: Heat, Votes for Women, Turncoats and Canvas.

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On to the timestamps:

4:53 Canvas

14:06 Heat: Pedal to the Metal

38:24 Jessie Gender a.k.a. Jessie Earl Interview

1:03:35 Turncoats ( Turncoats – Milda Matilda Games )

1:20:17 Votes for Women