Is there a good on-line community for discussion of world-building?

Continuing the discussion from The Joy of Character Creation:

Back in the days of UseNet I used to take part in a couple of newsgroups devoted to world-building for fantasy and SF. A lot of GMs took part, of course, but there were also writers and some people who just liked world-building as a pass-time or the discussions for their own sakes.

Does anyone know whether there are any modern Internet forums for discussing world-building, where the discourse is civil?

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The closest I’ve found is the worldbuilding stack exchange, but by the nature of the site that’s for specific questions.

Like Roger I use the Stack Exchange worldbuilding stack. (NB Roger, please ignore any posts from me…).

If you can stand FB, there are several groups on there that are good, especially around mapping.

Finally, if you use a world creation tool like world anvil (my personal choice, again Wharties keep away as I’ve probably not locked down anything I’ve done on there), they generally have forums/discord channels etc

I deleted my FB account and try to avoid going there, though there seems to be no way to avoid loading the little tracking icons that FB encourages people, especially e-commerce sites, to insert into their web pages. I tried a magical incantation with one of my system files that was supposed to prevent my browser from sending requests to, but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

No, though you can take some steps to wipe cookies and prevent browser fingerprinting; on Chromium, I use UBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and Cookie AutoDelete, and I believe the first two are available for Firefox and the latter functionality (delete cookies N seconds after you leave a site, except for ones you whitelist) is available under a different name.

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