Is Discord completely fucked, or what?

Discord appears to be completely fucking unusable.

I can’t post until I claim my account, because my account is unclaimed.

I can’t claim my account because my e-mail is already registered.

Yeah, it’s pretty horrible. Standard nonexistent customer service if the automated paths won’t help you.

Plus all the data-combining badness of using Disqus or Reddit, in the way it wants to track you as a single entity across multiple unrelated places. And the voice chat is nearly as bad as Zoom (I’ve never used anything quite as bad as Zoom).

Naturally it is hugely popular.


Er, wut?

Seems fine to me.


I cannot use it at all. It won’t let me post until I do something it won’t let me do.

I have not had any problems with it. My feeling is that it is inferior to a traditional forum format for the almost entirely text-based purpose I use it for, but I have found it useful for getting quick answers to rules questions.

I remember my wife had a similar problem to the one you describe. She managed to sort it out after quite a bit of internet searching but I’m afraid I don’t recall what the answer was. Sorry. I hope you manage to sort it out soon if it is something that you need access to.

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I don’t think I’ll bother.

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I had the same issue a few months back. I just deleted discord and started again from scratch, as when you get caught in that loop I couldn’t find a way out. Luckily I will get reinvited to the couple of active gaming discords I use for regular RPG sessions, and the rest I can live without.

I created a throwaway email account, and then updated my settings to my actual email once it was all confirmed. Things like this should be much easier to organise/give away all your personal data to.

What I hate most about Discord is scrolling.

I lurk on quite a number of game-related servers. There are more than can fit vertically on selection frame. And I can’t scroll down. I know there is a keyboard shortcut, but it doesn’t work consistently for me.

Some of the servers have a lot of channels, too many than can fit vertically on the selection frame. I can scroll down if I put my cursor on the 2 pixels (or so it seems) that activate the scroll bar.

The text scroll of a channel is easier to find/use and it is no worse than Slack (which I use at work).

Maybe all my problems would disappear if I had a traditional mouse with a scroll wheel, but I don’t.