IRTWD vanished from Google podcasts

I use the Google Podcasts app on a Pixel 3a. App shows last update was Aug 30 2019. System running Android 10 patch level Dec 5, 2019.

The app was unable to load episodes. I unsubscribed, killed the app, restarted, and searches will not show the podcast.

Overcast on my iPad shows “And the rest of you have trenchfoot” Dec 31, 2019, as the latest episode.

Did something change in the feed to disrupt the Google Podcast app?

Nothing has changed about the feed for quite a while, but I’ll take a look - thanks.

I don’t have access to the app so I may ask you to do some tests.

I had the same issue. I just downloaded it and listened to it that way.

I’ve had a look at the RSS feed, and I can’t see anything different about the newest episode’s entry. It all still validates, too. (Except on where they haven’t heard of https.) Sorry.