Interview: Train Games and War Games with Tom Russell

Found this article interesting, mainly because I really liked her* train games so far. I have Northern Pacific and waiting for Trans-Siberian and Iberian Gauge. I’ll nab Dual Gauge at some point too. Hollandspiele’s other titles are fun too. Although, the solo wargame titles are a hard sell to someone who doesn’t play solo often.

*Tom’s pronouns are she/her


That’s a really great read. Thanks for sharing!

It’s interesting how Tom talks about trains games as purely mechanical/game exercises. I took particular note as that’s what I like about them. I have little interest in trains but Train games seem to suit interesting mechanics. The 18xx shared incentive and interactive space is what I like about them


Lets not forgot how Tom came up with Irish Gauge on her drive back to work. Now if only game design actually works like that