Imperial revenues and expenditures

I estimate the nominal gross product of Flat Black at about ₢10.0 quadrillion per annum. Real GP is a bit uncertain because I haven’t modelled the economic development of new worlds yet.

By way of a rough hack, I estimate that the revenue of the interstellar transport monopoly could be about 2% of nominal gross product at say 30% profit. That gives the Eichberger Foundation ₢60 trillion per year. Plus which it has 4.1 billion migrants per year paying an average of say ₢5,000 for land, another ₢20.5 trillion per year. For the time being I’m prepared to call its likely profits from banking, spaceports, and space industry small in comparison with the uncertainties in the previous figures.

The Empire has profits of about ₢80 trillion per year; perhaps more, but probably not over ₢100 trillion.

For a comparison, the nominal GDPs of the worlds of the Suite are as follows:

Population and GDP of the worlds of the Suite

world population (billions) nominal GDP (₢ trillions)
Aeneas 1.27 49
Iter 5.95 345
Seeonee 1.88 109
Simanta 13.65 502
Tau Ceti 5.91 343
Todos Santos 2.87 166