Imagine the perfect game for You

I’m confused.

First, we all know that the best trains are actually cubes.

So we can just use miniature-scale versions of cubes.


I had/have similar interests. FYI: GMT’s Space Empires 4X allows for engagements to be resolved via TALON.


Ideally, my “perfect” game would be Supremacy, but with simultaneous movement (as it was initially constructed) and a market that isn’t a broken mess. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hate how you can easily summarise me like this… :joy:


This puts my former playing groups idea of Federation & Empire mixed with Star Fleet Battles to handle the ship engagements to shame.

But jumping over to video games, like @pillbox mentioned, I always wanted a Star Wars game that was a mesh of the X-Wing/Tie Fighter series, the Rogue Squadron series, and the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series. Would have been epic!


An obvious mash up would be imperial/Cthulhu Wars. Just because the maps are similar but shouldn’t be too hard to have shares in factions ahead of each having a faction. How much do you like auctions? You could do something snazzy with souls as a currency, acquired as dividend payouts from old ones consuming cultists.

I did also wonder about using hexes with lines on and edge connections ala 18xx track laying to build sigils. For those with brown tiles from non lawsonian 18xx titles bonus points for whoever can build a sigil to prove me right.