Iki Review - Competitive Shopping for Four


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That looked very interesting, I do wonder how well it plays at 2…

“…eventually getting them to a point where they retire, when they take residence in your own personal player board and continue to give you their bonus every round, even though they’re retired… and they also don’t need feeding anymore… what’s going on in this game?”

Clearly you’re bumping off your retired workers, burying the bodies underneath the player/floor-boards, and claiming their pension.


I really enjoyed this one. Might even have motivated my partner to give Iki a try—because we already have it I just despaired at learning it playing 2 handed. Although the references given included one Uwe Rosenberg and my partner still has some bad memories of Agricola from way back.

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The first couple of times we played Iki there were comments along the lines of “it’s so easy to avoid the fires, I don’t see what it adds”. Next time everyone was complaining about their workers burning to death :person_shrugging:


Played it at 3 four or five times. It’s like a more complex Tokaido (though maybe I am influenced by the setting), with the same kind of cut-throat approach to positioning. In 3 player there is still some space/looseness (compared to the desire to assassinate someone in high player count Tokaido) but it still holds that feeling of anticipation/frustration of getting to the right space at the right time.

And the meeples are cool …

Some of the bigger bookshops in London have started having real boardgames sections and Iki is showing up there often, which suggests it’s got really good distribution.