I need advice from you wonderful people

Hi all,

I’ve just started streaming for a bit of fun and so, haven’t got a set broadcast schedule just yet.
I wondered if you fine folk would provide some feedback please?
I could ask my gaming group, but I’d rather constructive comments than the piss taking I’d receive from that lot!

I’ve just made half a dozen episodes and had fun with it. It’s mature content due to swearing (plus GoT) and pretty casual. I take he mick out of myself and the game.

I have a camera on its way next week, which will hopefully add to the interactivity/entertainment of seeing my gawking face, as I get creamed in game.

Pretty please let me know what you think. I’d really appreciate it. :blush:


I’m afraid that I don’t watch video game streamers, so I can’t provide useful feedback relative to what people want when they watch game streams.

I will say you have a good self-chatter, audio is solid, and not too much dead-air that I noticed, and that all seems positive.

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Small thing, turn subtitles on! that way it’s a bit easier for people to follow the dialogue and hear your voice


Thank you both! I appreciate the feedback so much :+1:

That’s encouraging, thanks @Marx. I’m wary of leaving too much dead-air so I chat away. Hopefully once I have the cam, any dead-air won’t be as noticeable.

Great idea! Thanks @felix. I just need to figure out how to turn that on…


Hey, I’m going to be streaming tonight (20th) 1900 ET / 1600 PT / 2300 GMT - come and hang out, I’d love the support from my SUSD/tekeli.li friends!

Or just come and see my dorky face! :crazy_face: