Help. Guess this game

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out this computer game. Matt Lees talked about it on a podcast and it sounded interesting. Basically it has a unique dialogue system that acts more like turn based combat. Each “combatant” has a dialogue wheel of sorts that has a number of abilities like “intimidate”, “lie”, “wink”, etc. At the time I believe it was in beta on Steam.

Thanks in advance.



For similar-ish games, there’s also Signs of the Sojourner (a lot more recent game than that episode). It’s more of a gentle empathy deckbuilder, but also a deckbuilder about conversations.


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Was it a shut up and sit down podcast or a daft souls podcast?

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Griftlands was it. Thanks so much.


I can vouch for Griftlands. I haven’t played since pretty early on in the development, but even with a lot of story arcs missing, there was a delightful little gameplay loop on offer.

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