Having trouble posting pictures

Yesterday I wanted to post a photograph to the food thread. I made three attempts, several hours apart, and all three failed. I got a message saying that the upload hadn’t been completed, and recommending I try again, but that didn’t help. This is coming from the Photos program on a Mac Mini. The second time, I decided to give up and delete the whole post, but that command didn’t work; clicking it just took me back to the draft. The third time, last night, I was able to delete the post.

I would like to be able to upload that photo, but I’m also mentioning this in case something is off in the software for this site.

I usually export pictures from Photos to my desktop as medium-sized jpegs, and then drag their icons from the desktop to the composition window in my web browser.

I do that because the forum software doesn’t seem to be able to handle, nor gracefully to decline, large image files.

on my ipad i usually upload images directly from the photos app. I’ll check if it works (after I’ve finished making something for the food thread)

Thanks! I’ll give that a try. Is there a specific Export command, or do you just drag the photo onto the desktop?

“Export” command in the “File” menu. Or shift-command-E.

I can add photos to upload directly from the Photos app… hope the export works then. Mac and ipad may be similar but not same enough.

I don’t try to post from the iPad. The virtual keyboard is too much of a pain to use for anything long (I don’t like texting either), and the external keyboard we used to have wasn’t enough of an improvement to bother with; I didn’t replace it when it stopped working. I’m writing this sitting at my desk using a fullsize QWERTY keyboard as God meant us to . . .

I’ll check out the trick Agemegos suggests. Thanks to both of you!

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