Has anyone played or have an opinion about...?

Well, I think it’s one of them :slight_smile:

OK, here’s some of the complaints you might find:

  • If you aren’t in the running for the win, that scintillating end-game may fall flat for you.
  • Reports say there is a broken strategy, I think along the lines of the first person to build a city loses, it’s more efficient to conquer than build. 2e addressed this. I haven’t reached that level of play that it was an issue. I don’t recall the rules change but it’s likely house-rule-able.
  • The game can run long, like 3 hours, if people are choosing not to build cities (or just not focused on it).
  • What gods show up, and what order they show up in, each round can determine who is in a strong or weak position each round. I call this reactive gameplay, but some might feel constrained by uncontrollable elements.

Edit: oh right - OG cyclades, city components cost 2 coins and optional. New cyclades, city components are free but compulsory. I don’t think you can easily houserule it as they adjusted the prices for everything else on the god(dess) cards to balance the free bit. But it’s doable if people are committed (and finding a problem with RAW).