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Alright, I don’t know if this is long awaited or not, but here it is. I haven’t run one of these before, but I’ve put together something that makes sense to me.

Hansa Teutonica

So that’s a spreadsheet on OneDrive. Assuming you have real Excel, you can open on desktop and the bells and whistles will appear. In browser it is just a formatted spreadsheet.

I’ll follow this up with a few posts on how to use the buttons on the spreadsheet and how I propose coding the turns.

Easy to duplicate the spreadsheet as well if we have more than five and want to run multiple instances.

Who wants to give this a try?


Reading the board
Routes – Routes are Grey spaces along brown lines connecting cities. Each square has a unique identifier using the cities’ names and a number.
Cities (Privilege, Extra posts) – Cities have spaces for tradesmen (grey squares) underneath smaller squares indicating the required privilege level and Trader/Merchant requirement (M for merchant, plain square for Trader). The privilege and space for tradesmen are separate so that formatting isn’t lost.

Cities that allow for ability upgrades are Yellow and indicate the ability under the city.

There is a complication in the “extra trading post” bonus that for now will be handled ad hoc.

Bonus disc spaces – Each route has a black bordered square linked by a brown line. These are the placeholders for adding bonus disc to routes. New bonus discs are drawn in the box above the player boards.

City Completion / Prestige Track – These are tracked at the top left and managed via spin (up/down) buttons.

Player Boards – These are to the right of the play area in five colors. There are spaces to correspond to each of the areas on the real player board. Any square colored in your color indicate tradesmen – either your supply or the count of traders/merchants covering your abilities.

White spaces (and later, colored spaces to indicate privilege) indicate the current level of your ability. Count of actions, Max income, etc. These are tracked in a single square with increasing values rather than on a track.

Navigating the Game

Managing your supply

  • Generally, runs from bottom to top
  • Hit the ‘+’ to return pieces to your general supply
  • Hit the single up arrow to promote 1 piece as income
  • Hit the double up arrow to promote the entire pool
  • Hit the ‘-‘ to reduce units in your personal supply, as you place them onto the board or otherwise lose them
  • Undo: There is no special coding in these cells, so manually reduce your personal supply and increase your general supply

Upgrading abilities

  • Hit the up arrow next to an ability to upgrade it. The Trader/Merchant will be added to your personal supply and the ability will increase
  • Undo: There is no undo for this. If you make a mistake, I will have to go and adjust the hidden index
  • References: Needed. Get your own picture of a player board to see the upgrade paths

Resetting the player board

  • Hit the reset button below your player board
  • Note that this resets everything to start-of-game conditions and there is no way to reverse. Basically, don’t hit this button. Don’t hit any P at all!

Bonus tiles

  • Shuffle: Don’t hit the reset arrow unless you are resetting the board.
  • Draw: Click the draw button. The next tile in the randomized stack will populate. Hit “Oops” to put that tile back into the queue without shuffling.
  • Place: Look at the index number in the grey box. Enter that number into any of the brown squares attached to the routes, then delete it from the grey box.
  • Take: Same as placing, but now you enter the number into one of the “Unused Token” boxes below your player board, and delete it from the space on the map.
  • Use: Take the action as necessary. Then delete the index number from the “Unused Token” section below your player board. Hit the ‘+’ next to your “Used Token” counter for end-of-game purposes.

Placing and removing pieces

  • This is to-be-coded
  • Currently, copy (ctrl+c) the trader or merchant space above your player board, then paste (ctrl+v) onto the squares you want to use.
  • Next, manually decrease your trader and merchant count in your personal supply the correct number of pieces
  • Similarly, to remove your pieces from the board, copy any empty space and paste it over your pieces
  • Then increase your Personal or General supply, depending on how you were removed, the correct number of pieces

To do / Roadmap

  • Reference table for Upgrades
  • Undo for ability upgrades
  • Undo for piece income
  • Automate placing of pieces
  • Automate removal of pieces

Logging your Turn

Generally, one row per action or bonus action.
Action Number / Action Details / @Impacted Opponent


1 / # Traders, # Merchants -or- ALL

example: 1 / 2 Traders, 1 Merchant

Place Tradesman

2 / Trader -or-Merchant / Space identifier

example: 2 / Trader / MM1

Displace Tradesman

3 / Trader -or-Merchant / Space identifier / [@Displaced Opponent]

example: 2 / Trader / MM1 / @Captbnut

Move Tradesmen

4 / From Space to To Space

example: 3 / HG2 to HrL1

Create Trade Route

5 / Route identifier / City (Establish Trading Post) OR Upgrade (Develop Ability) or Points (Coellen)

example: 5 / WG / Gottingen


5 / Lubeck / Upgrade

Bonus Disc

Tile / Effect / Information

example: Tile / +3 Actions
Tile / Upgrade Ability / Income
Tile / Swap Posts / Minden, Orange <> Pink
Tile / Move 3 Opponents / MB3 to BH3, Move 2, Move 3
Tile / Bonus Post / Lubeck

I am amazed at how awesome your work is on this. I would love to be a part, but I’m so busy right now I wouldn’t be able to consistently give it the attention or time to really keep up. :frowning:

I’m definitely going to be following it!

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Much as I would love to, I’m having trouble making sense of that Excel file and all the instructions to work with it, but am incredibly impressed you managed to make that. I, too, shall watch with interest, and hope I can just get my physical copy to the table soon.

I’m happy to (and likely planning on) updating the sheet myself, as long as people post moves to the forum. This at least provides the option for self service as the game resolves. Peer pressure, give it a try!

I could be persuaded…