Guitar song suggestions

Ok I know there are a few guitar players on the forum although I’m not sure if they play acoustic or just electric.

If one thing has came out of lockdown (other than my sourdough game going up a couple of notches) it’s that I’ve played a lot more guitar and learned a lot more tunes than I had in the last 3 years combined.

Any advice on good acoustic songs to learn.

My favourites I can play to date are:

  • Spit on a stranger

  • Blackbird

  • waltz

  • Lover you should have come over

I’m trying to pick up “big love” but I can see me still learning this one next year.

Any songs I should look up would be appreciated.

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I’ve been on a bit of an Elliott Smith binge

Angeles - so difficult to nail, but one day I will get it
The White Lady Loves You More
Alphabet Town
Kings Crossing

And Phoebe Bridgers - Georgia (guitar versions on YouTube)

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Did mean to type waltz#2 above.

Will give those a look particularly phoebe bridger

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I don’t play but I remember my friend playing Linger by the Cranberries around a bonfire once and that was great.

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The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young is great and pretty simple.

The Jose Gonzalez version of Heartbeats is something I wish I could play, but I can’t do fingerstyle.

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Tried Jose Gonzales before but I get sick and tired of alternate tunings.


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So been following this video for Phoebe Bridger. Nice, with some cool hammer ons.

Either Neil young or Angeles (although that’s maybe more than I can handle) next.

Also possibly just more bridger.

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You rang?

Smoke Signals is just a fun chill one to play
I Know the End is nice, but works a lot better on electric when you can slam on all the effects.

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It’s a Yamaha transacoustic LS-TA I treated myself to at the start of lockdown that I’ve been playing.

If I can hit the button fast enough I can maybe pull off a reasonable approximation.

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I’m trying to learn Beverly Hills (Weezer) with my partner (who plays bass).

She’s nailing it… me, not quite so much. The solo is a little tricky, but mostly it’s the bridge (a bunch of 2-3-4 fret stuff that my brain really struggles to wrap around).

Gotta play it slower. I hate playing slowly. Whee!

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As an aside to any phoebe bridger fans. BBC six music has her as artist in residence, I’ve been listening to the 1 hour playlists she’s compiled. Great, as long as you like Bright eyes.

You can check it out online.

Who doesn’t like Bright Eyes?!


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As this is migrating into the phoebe bridger appreciation thread I am rather excited to have managed to grab a preorder for the copycat killer ep