Great Western Trail on BGA - Private alpha

As the title says, GWT is on boardgame arena as a private alpha.

You don’t need alpha status to join the group, you just need to send docthib (the developer) a private message on BGA and ask to join.

It’s a really good implementation and I’m fed up of getting destroyed by randos!

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Do you need paid member status?

afair alpha games are always free.

I would be willing to be destroyed (caveat: I have never played. How much rules reading will I need to do?)

Don’t think you need to be a premium member. Worth sending docthib a message anyway.

Did anyone join the group yet?

@yashima you wouldn’t want to go in blind - there’s a lot of moving parts. Each turn is pretty simple, but I find GWT is a good 30+ minute teach in real life.

I took a look at the rules but yeah. I will need some time to learn this. Right now I seem to have a bunch of games going on so… I remain interested for some future point in time.

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