GOTY Runner Ups, Resist!, Knight Fall And Lands Of Galzyr


It’s so great to be behind the microphone again talking about something you love! Especially when the thing you love is pancakes. But we also spend a good amount of time talking about what’s fresh in board games, including a sleeper solo hit Resist! from the people that brought you Undaunted, the little asymmetric arena battler Knight Fall and the somewhat sprawling choose your own adventure on a map game Lands of Galzyr.

Today’s bonus feature is the three contenders for Efka’s game of the year title that didn’t quite make the cut.

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On to the timestamps:

9:00 Resist!

32:52 Knight Fall

48:30 Meaty Questions

1:04:18 Efka’s Runners Up for GOTY 2022

1:12:22 Lands of Galzyr

1:27:26 More Write-ins

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I really like the podcast. I think the show feeling more like a conversation where they both bounce off each other much more equally really is a better format for them.