Good place to buy custom Miniatures for Star Wars Imperial assault

Hey I just recently got into Star Wars Imperial assault and I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on getting custom minis made for the game itself. Reason being is because I keep finding promo cards and Alternate art cards that don’t have a miniature with them like the death Troopers and I wanted a cool miniature to represent them on the board when I’m playing skirmish.


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Is this the type of thing people 3d print?

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I have not explored any custom content for IA, as there’s plenty of official stuff that I barely have time to get into. However, you might check on Etsy, as a brief search came up with some custom minis that look appropriate. Skullforge Studios makes 3d printer files for what they call Authority and Insurgent troops, which are their obvious copyright avoidance of Empire and Rebel figures and people sell printed out figures of them on Etsy. Also another studio called Dark Fire Designs.

Most appear to be scaled for Star Wars Legion, rather than IA, so they’d be a bit larger than the IA minis, so be aware of that.


The benefit of 3D prints is that they can be scaled up/down, so it is worth contacting anyone selling 3D Legion prints you like the look of on etsy if they can scale them down. Legion is 35mm I think, whilst Imperial Assault is 28mm or 32mm (definitely worth not taking my word and confirming scale differences yourself!).

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You’d really want resin printing rather than FDM, at least for human-shaped things, but that’s getting more affordable now. (“Find your local makerspace” is the usual advice, but that was pre-pandemic.)

Scaling is fine up to a point - sometimes thin features end up vanishing completely. Something to watch out for when rendering.

Another option, if the model suits it, is to 3d-print add-ons to be glued to existing figures. There’s a lot of this in the Gaslands scene – buy a bag of cheap die-cast or plastic cars and trucks, then glue on guns and ram plates and so on.


Another option is to grab something like the plastic kits for Stargrave made by North Star (Stargrave - North Star Military Figures) and making up your own models. The Stargrave kits are very versatile, with lots of options of how to put figures together, and are freely mixable between boxes (i.e. crew, mercenaries and troopers). You can even mix with fantasy plastic sets from North Star (e.g. Frostgrave or Oathmark) for more variety.

(I will admit at this point I’m almost starting to recommend sci-fi miniatures that can have some of the ascetic of Star Wars. I honestly think looking at 3D print Legion minis and asking about scaling down is probably the best way to get what you want).

Is Gaslands basically a modern version of the old GW game Dark Future?

Never played it. (I did play Battlecars and old-style Car Wars, and those were a lot more complicated.) I think it’s more a DIY version of X-Wing. :slight_smile: