Gaming from the First Age: Traveller

Unless you are in the lottery of Low Berth, join Graham in the passengers’ common room for this episode of the Gaming from the First Age podcast, as he’s joined by good friends Dom and Tom to discuss the Traveller roleplaying game.


Call me an old curmudgeon if you like, but I don’t want to listen in the browser; podcasts are for downloading. It’s there, but you have to hunt for it. Thus:

(which does have a download option.)

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This is the podcast RSS feed:
From which I download it as well.

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As a just about First Age role player -1983 Red box basic, but with the older version of the expert set, Traveller remains the game I want to play the most, and own the most rules and supplements for. I’ll listen with interest.

We have played sporadically over the years - basic, mega, TNE, 4th, and now Mongoose. In the beforetimes we were just a little way into a Pirates of Drinax campaign but that called a halt as we have been playing the more easily facilitated roll20 D&D. But when that is finished we will find a way!

The Traveller sheets on Roll20 have just been sorted out and upgraded

And finally I’ve listened to it (my podcast queue has got quite long recently). I’ve never really felt that the game system is an important part of the feel of a setting except at a very coarse level (e.g. is it one where you can run into a hail of bullets and shrug it off because you’re a hero with teeth that go ting) but they seem to associate “Travelleriness” quite closely with the classic 2d6 system (which is a reason for disliking New Era that had never occurred to me).

Mongoose Traveller to me feels like someone’s well-edited set of house rules on top of the LBBs: everything’s a bit bigger and a bit more complicated but never to excess.

I hear a lot of talk about Cepheus so maybe I should take a look at that…

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Interesting… Dom and I are very much fans of the modular nature of Traveller. Graham less so. However the setting isn’t the system in Traveller, but it was largely created by the system…


Well maybe not. It is not so much the combat or skill system that defines Traveller to my mind but the space populating, system generating, world and cultures systems, the space flight and combat systems, the engineering systems, and the life path systems.

Then, and people do this, you can switch to a different game day engine…

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