Games you would have loved as a Teen? (via Dice Tower)

I can’t help it, I really enjoy watching the Dice Tower Top 10 videos. The last one I saw was this. And I immediately thought of a few games. I’d love to hear what games you would like to send back through a time travel portal to your younger self?

The DT Crew put a bit of a caveat on it that I am not quite following: they mostly put games that they would have loved more as a teenager than they do now.

Here are mine:

The games I immediately thought of:

  • Gloomhaven
  • Sleeping Gods
  • 7th Continent

Others, that came to mind a little later:

  • The Crew
  • Star Wars: Outer Rim
  • Codenames
  • any RPGs (only discovered those at uni, I was 20)

I have yet to receive my copy of Unsettled, but my guess is it would be on the list. I didn’t add Robo Rally and Magic:tG because I already put RPGs on there and I discovered those two at the same time which is close enough to being a teen…

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Interesting topic. I’d say roughly the same. But more area control and thematic games and less trains. Not sure how I would feel about German games though, like them Knizias.

I play a lot of Chess and Europa Universalis 3 back then. So, area control would suit well

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I imagine sending back return to dark towers would be mind blowing. Not least because it’d come with an iPhone and I’d make bank on apple.


Well my teens were all about Blood Bowl, so Gloomhaven would probably be a good shout


Back then I wanted more of everything. So I’d probably have been into great big kickstarter games with eleventy thousand expansions.

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I might really have enjoyed endless amounts of Zombicide–if I had had a way to pay for it…

I had two main gaming groups as a teen - well, three, if I include some two-player games with my brother. I’d like to think we would have played things like Cyclades, Concordia or Castles of Burgundy together, but mostly likely we might have tried the likes of Fortune & Glory and Firefly, plus maybe Pandemic or Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Realistically however, given the choice I’m sure we’d all still end up playing RPGs much more than boardgames - and we would definitely have played more D&D if 5E was around rather than AD&D back then.

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I was lucky enough as a teen to go to a high school with a gaming club, so I got to try out a wider variety of games than the average person. It was there I got to play Axis & Allies, Fortress America, Fury of Dracula (1st ed), Talisman, Space Hulk, Awful Green Things from Outer Space, Battle Masters, and a bunch of other games. We also had periodic AD&D games. This was also around the time Magic: the Gathering became a thing, and with the club there was no lack of people to play with.

So looking at my current collection, honestly, I think I would have loved most of the games I now have back when I was a teen. But top ones would likely have been Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Twilight Imperium 4th, and Unmatched. I think El Grande would probably have gone over well, too. And the X-Wing miniature game.