Games to give as gifts

I know we’ve talked about Christmas already, and wishlist, but Youtube channel Before you Play had a nice one: which games to do like to give people as gifts?

Are there any which are a) beautiful objects b) perfect for non-gamers c) look too fun to resist?

Probably doesn’t count if the person you’re buying for already knows they love heavy Euros, but are there any titles out there that you think are perfect as gifts for a random friend?


I think the baby Ticket to Ride games are great for light gamers (bought TTR for my parents). I’ve suggested my Dad gets my Mum Carcassonne for Xmas. It’s probably a bad idea but you never know!

I’d always recommend Codenames as a gift for anyone who doesn’t own it already.

I think small, under £25 with a light ruleset would be the way to go. If you can hit a theme the recipient likes all the better.


I’ve given Skull out a few times as gifts in that scenario, and I think it can fit the a, b and c, at least for some people… It looks like a box of coasters which isn’t what people expect from a game, so that has them interested, and the art is lovely (no matter which version you get) and it is simple to teach and play.


Got to agree with BYPlay that Azul would be good as a gift (tactile, colourful).
Small box games too - High Society?


yeah, both a really good shout. Love that Osprey edition of High Society


Red 7
Illusion is great (that I’m completely awful at)


I’m not sure about High Society. It’s possibly fragile in the one person failing to value things makes the ‘game’ fall apart. It’s a small box and the edition is beautiful but I’d hesitate to give it to new gamers personally.

6 Nimmt! Is easily the game I’ve had most success with for broad appeal and accessibility as well as satisfying gamers.


I’ve gifted the small Amsterdam-edition of Ticke to Ride twice already this fall. So that’s a great shout.

Railroad Ink comes to mind too. Small, fairly cheap and a gorgeous box.


I’ve only ever gifted a game to my Dad, and that was Thud! It’s based on a game from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, of which my entire family are avid readers.

So I guess my recommendation is a game based on an IP that you already know they like :slight_smile:

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This ties a bit to the “games for non-gamers” thread we had a while back. To (I venture to suggest) most of us here, a game is “a hand management game with a changeable map”; to many people who aren’t already “involved” gamers, it’s “that lemming game”.


Generally nice quick card games which have a different theme or not so common mechanics: Belratti, Illusion, Sushi Go, The Mind, Love Letter
Not necessarily the newest games, but work good for Non-Gamers.


It’s gifting season for many folks… let’s talk about games that we’re buying for people (who don’t read this forum) ?

I’ve already picked up Klask as a present for my brother and his wife. I think it’s hard not to have a fun time with this. Bonus: We’re hosting our family get-together this year, so we could even combine with my set of Klask and have two games going at once : )