Games I didn't get even worse than I thought I didn't get them

Specifically I am referring to MONSTERS & OTHER CHILDISH THINGS.

It’s a One Roll Engine game about children who have their own personal pet monsters which can’t be seen by adults. But can eat adults.

And… I tried it with my Monday night group as a one off to cover absence of a couple of players. We went WTF at it and put it away after maybe half a session.

And now I read in an article in PYRAMID that it was supposed to be a comedy game.

I don’t know what I thought it was exactly. It struck me as being about the horror of childhood. But not in a funny way.

And now I wonder if it was obvious to anyone else. Anyone…


The blurb on the Arc Dream web site calls it “distressingly fun (and funny)”. I’ve never played it, though.

Little Fears had a similar impact when it appeared at our gaming group some time ago.